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Helnwein's visual realization of the opera

'The Child Dreams' takes the breath away . . .


Toronto Star

Willhelm Little



One of the most important productions of the Israeli Opera's 25th anniversary season was the world premiere of the opera 'The Child Dreams', based on the most poetic play of Israel’s greatest playwright, Hanoch Levin.

With his stage design, costumes, masks and videos, Gottfried Helnwein created a breathtaking and revolutionary new visual realization for this play. Together with director Omri Nitzan he developed a new conception for the adaption for the opera.

Composed by Gil Shohat and conducted by David Stern, the Israeli Opera’s musical director, this new opera featured close to 20 Israeli opera singers on the stage. Helnwein also invited dancer and choreographer Gregor Seyffert who choreographed the opera.




In my work, the center of everything is always the child, the child versus the world of grown-ups, the world of death, of corruption, the world of greed and destruction.

Gottfried Helnwein

In an Interview with NTDTV

The Independent Chinese TV network

The discovery of Hanoch Levin's play 'The Child Dreams' was a shock and an epiphany for me. Never before was the work of another artist so close to my own inner pictures. It was as if this play was dedicated to all the children that had appeared in my own work and to all those that are yet to come.

Gottfried Helnwein to Peter Nedoma, the director of Galerie Rudolfinum

Prag, April, 2008

“In a very poetic way Hanoch Levin describes the world we live in," says Helnwein. "The child doesn't understand this world. With complete trust, he thinks that the bond between himself and his mother is unbreakable, but, of course, it's broken." A huge picture-wall of a sleeping child, through which the soldiers break, is the first of four amazing sets, culminating in a universe of dead children in an infinity of space...

Jerusalem Post, "Sleep of Death", Helen Kaye



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NTDTV - New Tang Dynasty Television - The Independent Chinese-language TV network

Toronto Star, William Littler

Jerusalem Post, Sleep of Death, Helen Kaye

ORF, Ö1 Morgenjournal



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